Islamic Date


Roznama Dharti



Visa free for Dutch nationals  
o: One month (Re-entry) ? 31.00
o: One year (Multiple) ? 56.00
Visa free for Business Travelers
o: One month (Re-entry) ? 47.00
o: One year (multiple) ? 84.00
Passport fee
o: Ordinary (one week) ? 36.00
o: Urgent (following working day) ? 96.00
o: Birth registration ? 16.00
o: Renunciation of Pakistan citizenship ? 16.00
o: Endorsement of children in passport ? 16.00
o: Business / Trade document?s  
o: Other (for Dutch nationals of Pak origin)  
o: National identity card for overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) us$....15.00
o: Pakistan origin card for adults us$....100.00
o: Pakistan origin card for persons under 18 years us$....50.00



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